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4 packs of acorn-fed 100% Iberian Carrasco ham (4x80gr)

Pack of 4 cuts of Iberian Carrasco meat (Presa, sirloin, Secreto and Cheeks)

1 Iberian Acorn-Fed Spicy Sausage as a gift

The Iberian meat products are delivered in 24-36 hours after the purchase only from Tuesday to Friday – Check the return policy here.

Special Celebration Iberico Box, perfect for any celebration because it includes our essentials products for any celebration meals o tapas that you would like to prepare:
Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Carrasco ham. Presented in the special 125th anniversary box. Perfect for the snacks or tapas.
A pack of 4 cuts of Iberian meat from Carrasco. This product will be served frozen in order to comply with the highest sanitary requirements and to avoid odors.
-Carrasco Iberian Presa (2 pieces) 1.4 kg approx.
-Iberian sirloin Carrasco (2 pieces) 700 g approx.
-Iberian Carrasco cheeks (8 pieces) 1 kg approx.
-Iberian Secreto Carrasco (2 pieces) 750 g approx.

An acorn-fed Iberian spicy sausage (whole piece) 350 g approx. as a gift individually vacuum packed.


Guijuelo (Salamanca).


100% Iberian acorn-fed ham, aged between 36 and 48 months. Acorn-fed Iberian spicy sausage, at least 2 months of aging. Carrasco Iberian meat cuts: Product without curing. The product undergoes a “flash freezing” process to keep its perfect conditions. It is served frozen by cold courier


Acorn-fed 100% Iberian ham, salt and preservatives (E-250, E-252).
Acorn-fed Iberian spicy sausage: Lean acorn-fed Iberian pork (lean, Presa, Secreto and Feather Cut), common salt, paprika, garlic, dextrin, dextrose, antioxidant (E-301) preservatives (E252), olive oil and sage and cayenne pepper.
Iberian Presa (Shoulder cut): : piece found at the head of the loin. It is a tender and juicy piece, as it contains a lot of fat infiltration. Weight: 1.4 kg.
Iberian sirloin: piece found in the lumbar part, between the hip and the spine. It is a tender meat with a great flavor and texture. It is characterized by the absence of marbling of fat. Weight: 700 g (approx.).
Iberian cheeks: piece that is found on both sides of the jaw of the Iberian pig. It is a lean meat with a marked marbling of fat, very tasty. Weight: 1 kg (approx.).
Iberian Secreto (Hidden Shoulder Cut): piece that is between the shoulder and the bacon, it is one of the fattest and most tasty. It has an irregular cut and good fat infiltration that gives it juiciness. Weight: 750 g (approx.).


Valor energético 1979Kj (477 kcal)
Hidratos de carbono 1,6g
Proteínas 28,2g
Azúcares < 0,5g
Grasa total 39,8g
Ac. Grasos saturados 13,46g
Sodio 2,6g
Humedad 25,9g
Fibra Alimentaria < 0,5g


Conservation recommendations:

Keep the ham slices refrigerated between 0º and 5º degrees. The cuts of Iberian pork can be kept frozen. Keep the spicy sausage in a cool and dry place, and refrigerated between 0º and 5º degrees once opened.

Consumption recommendations:

100% Iberian acorn-fed ham: before starting to taste the product, remove from the refrigerator and keep in the same container at room temperature (22ºc) for 20 minutes. It is also possible to remove the cardboard and run the vacuum container through the hot water tap for half a minute. After either of the two options, open the container, gently peel off the slices and place on the plate. We recommend always consuming the product well tempered, never cold. Acorn-fed Iberian spicy sausage: remove from the vacuum 24 hours before consumption and let it air at room temperature. Before consuming remove the casing. Cuts of Iberian meat: Defrost slowly and naturally in the refrigerator (between 4-6 ºC) 24 hours before cooking. The product must be consumed within 48 hours after thawing. Carrasco Iberian pork: Grilled, stewed or baked. Perfect for any type of cooking. Carrasco Iberian sirloin: Perfect for cooking cut into medallions and grilled, grilled or in sauce. Also the whole piece in the oven. Iberian Carrasco Secret: Grilled or grilled. Iberian Carrasco cheeks: Perfect for stews.

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