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Quality Policy

ISO 9001 2015

SANTOS CARRASCO MANZANO S.A. is a family company located in Guijuelo, Salamanca, with more than 120 years of history committed to the highest quality, professionalism and innovation in the world of Iberico products, having achieved the highest levels of recognition in the sector and in the market with a UNIQUE and SUBLIME product.

To strengthen and continuously improve our position and the excellence of our products, our company is firmly committed to QUALITY, and therefore we have a management system, ISO 9001:2015 driven by the following principles.

1. Unique and universal product that respects and reflects the values, culture and environment of its area, making it a one of a kind product, rooted in a hundred-year-old-tradition and at the same time condensing universal sensations and qualities.

2. Image and presence. Recognition of both the brand and the origin of a product with high added value and quality, which leverages its unbeatable characteristics to constantly expand its international presence in the most demanding market niches.

3. Cutting-edge culinary development of new possibilities for a versatile product that is constantly adapting to new tastes and trends.

4. Continuous improvement of our techniques, processes and practices through constant monitoring, review and analysis of our goals, activities and results.

Our Commitment

Quality is a commitment that we all assume in SANTOS CARRASCO MANZANO S.A. and as such it is our responsibility to actively participate in the MAINTENANCE AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the management system implemented as well as to strictly comply with the rules and regulations that apply to us.

Management is committed to provide the necessary human and material RESOURCES to meet the requirements, the proposed goals and the continuous improvement of our quality management system with a strategic business orientation.

The quality policy and the context in which we operate are reviewed periodically to adapt to the business reality and to the changes and challenges of the market.

Guijuelo, Salamanca, 1 June 2017

Mr. Juan Atanasio Carrasco Gómez, Managing Director

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