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Carrasco Iberian prey (2 pieces) 1.4kg approx Iberian sirloin Carrasco (2 pieces) 700gr approx Iberian Carrasco cheeks (8 pieces) 1kg approx Iberian secret Carrasco (2 pieces) 750 gr approx

The Iberian meat products are delivered in 24-36 hours after the purchase only from Tuesday to Friday – Check the return policy here.

The product will be served frozen for the following reasons: compliance with the highest sanitary requirements. Avoid typical odors of pork. Give our customers the product in the best state of consumption, without losing quality. Greater service speed and operability. The weights of the pieces will be approximate, since the animals have weight ranges. The courier service will be cold to maintain the correct condition of the product.


Guijuelo (Salamanca)


Product without aging. The product undergoes a “flash freezing” process to keep its perfect conditions. It is served frozen by cold courier.


Iberian Presa: piece found at the head of the loin. It is a tender and juicy piece, as it contains a lot of fat infiltration. Weight: 1.4 kg approx.
Iberian sirloin: piece found in the lumbar part, between the hip and the spine. It is a tender meat with a great flavor and texture. It is characterized by the absence of marbling of fat. Weight: approx 0.7 kg
Iberian cheeks
: piece that is found on both sides of the jaw of the Iberian pig. It is a lean meat with a marked marbling of fat, very tasty. Weight: 1 kg approx).
Iberian Secreto: piece that is between the shoulder and the bacon, it is one of the fattest and most tasty. It has an irregular cut and good fat infiltration that gives it juiciness. Weight: 0.750 kg (approx).

Conservation recommendations:

Keep the product frozen.

Consumption recommendations:

Defrost slowly and naturally in the refrigerator (between 4-6 ºC) 24 hours before cooking. The product should be consumed within 48 hours after thawing. Iberian marinated loin: ideal grilled or grilled. Iberian secret: grilled or grilled. Iberian cheeks: perfect for stews.

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