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Carrasco has been dedicated to Iberico Ham for over 120 years. For this reason, we would like to spread our knowledge of this product which we all find so satisfying.

Get started on the Iberico Ham culture and find out in less than a minute how much of an expert you are.


Biological Species are subdivided into groups with different traits; these traits are passed down through inheritance.


Very sharp utensil used by the ham master to find the ham or shoulder aroma and determine the piece’s state of curing.


To place rings through the nasal septum of pigs so they do not root or erode the montanera soil.


Person that takes care of the Iberian pigs bred in freedom.


Closed place where Iberico hams and shoulders are kept and cured, at constant temperature and humidity levels. In the case of Carrasco, exposed to the dry winds from the Gredos mountain range and Béjar.


Weight unit used to weigh pigs. It equals 11.5 kg.


Loss of weight sustained by the leg of ham during the curing process.


Period from October to March coinciding with the acorn season, when Iberian pigs are naturally fattened on the pasture plains.


Rope tied on the ham to hang it.


Eco-system typical of the Iberian Peninsula southwest, where holm oaks, cork trees and grazing land co-exist. It is the natural habitat of the Iberian pig.


Tree from the fagaceae family, with a thick trunk, ramified in several branches. Its fruit is the acorn and its wood is very hard and compact.



Your knowledge of Iberico ham is excellent.

It is time to move on to practice and taste an authentic Carrasco acorn-fed Iberico ham. .


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Meanwhile, do not miss the best part… taste an authentic Carrasco acorn-fed Iberico ham…

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