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Bolsiquillos Pasture

The Bolsiquillos pasture, natural habitat of the Carrasco Iberico pig breed, is located in Jerez de los Caballeros, in the province of Badajoz.

A 400-hectare estate in the epicentre of the Extremadura pasture, known for having the highest concentration of holm oaks in Europe.

This natural ecosystem has all the optimal characteristics to offer the Carrasco Iberico pig breed the space, freedom and food necessary to ensure a distinctive and incomparable flavour and aroma.

The holm oaks, cork oaks and the humidity provided by the Ardila River become the protagonists of our pigs lives’ during the Montanera season. The amount and diversity of acorns offered by our pasture provide a natural diet that gives the distinctive unctuousness and flavour of 100% Iberico acorn-fed ham.

The Bolsiquillos pasture, the undisputed protagonist of the 5 month Montanera Carrasco, that takes place between October and March. Its vastness provides each specimen with more than 3 hectares to roam freely in search of its favourite food: acorns.

Carrasco Ibéricos is committed to the care and preservation of the pasture as a unique ecosystem that regulates water cycles and soil fertility, enhances biodiversity, helps mitigate climate change and enables the sustainable development of products such as Carrasco Ibéricos.

At the Bolsiquillos pasture, animals feed mainly on acorns, grass, wild fruit, roots and mushrooms and become, in turn, a crucial element to maintain and improve their own pastures and fruits on which they feed. They also contribute to the transport and supply of nutrients, creating a perfect ‘Iberico pig – pasture’ bond.

Bolsiquillos pasture, the ecological paradise of the Carrasco Iberico pig breed.

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