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Iberico sliced products, the best way to taste the essence of iberian food

Carrasco Ibéricos wants you to taste our products, preserving all their essence. For this reason, we have sliced Iberico pork products selected from the best pieces and presented in thin slices, preserving all its aroma and flavour.

The quality of our sliced Iberian ham not only comes from its origin, the 100% Iberian pigs pampered and cared for in our pastures and fed in the open range, but also from its fino cut and vacuum packed that guarantee slices full of flavour and rich nuances.

If you are fiel to the intense flavour of good ham, in our shop you can find packs of Iberian ham or sliced Iberian shoulder but if, on the contrary, you are not able to decide for one of our Iberian legs, you can also find sliced sausages such as Iberian sausage, Iberian loin or Iberian chorizo in different packs.

Discover our catalogue of Iberian sliced meats, comfortable and elegant packs of 100 grams of Iberian products presented in bags or boxes and designed for you to taste the Iberian essence of Carrasco products in the best way.

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