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100% Iberian Acorn-fed Pork Loin, recognised by those who know the best

Introducing the Carrasco Iberico pork loin, a piece with an irresistible appearance and an unmistakable flavour. Our Iberico pork loin is characterised by its bright red colour, more intense on the edges, as well as its marbling that adds equal parts juiciness and flavour. As with our hams and shoulders, it is produced from strong, healthy pigs raised in our pastures in Extremadura, populated by holm oaks whose fruit, the acorn, is the main food for our herds.

When we talk about the Iberian loin, we are referring to the meat found in the upper part of the pig, next to the backbone. The quality of Carrasco's 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Pork Loin is not only due to its high quality raw material, the Iberian pig reared in our pastures, but also to its production and curing process, as it is a family recipe in which you can notice in every mouthful the nuances of the paprika from La Vera and with a minimum curing period of 6 months.

The 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork loin is the representation of exquisiteness. One of the most prized delicacies of our gastronomy. At Carrasco Ibéricos we are very aware of this and we offer you our best selection so that you can enjoy every nuance of its flavour in whole or sliced pieces for greater convenience.

Whether as a gift or for your own consumption, the Carrasco Iberian pork loin is an excellent option with which you will always get it right, as it has unmistakable smells and flavours that make tasting the Carrasco acorn-fed pork loin an experience for the most demanding palates.

Don't miss out on tasting one of the noblest parts of the pig, enjoy the Carrasco 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork loin now!

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