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Carrasco 4 Sliced Pack

Carrasco Sliced Pack

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-4 sliced packs. Carrasco shoulder ham (100 g), Carrasco pork loin (100 g), Carrasco Chorizo (100 g) and Carrasco Sausage (100 g).

Guijuelo (Salamanca)

Carrasco shoulder ham (minimum 24 months of healing), Pork loin, chorizo and Carrasco Sausage (minimum 6 months of curing).


Shoulder ham: Pork shoulder, salt and preservatives (E-250, E252). It does not contain gluten or lactose

Pork loin: Pork loin, salt, paprika, garlic, sugar, preservatives (E-250, E252), acidity corrector (E-331), and antioxidant (E-301).

Chorizo: Lean pork, salt, paprika, garlic, lactose, milk protein, milk powder, emulsifiers (E-450 (i), E-451 (i), E-452 (i), preservatives (E252), acidity corrector (E-331), olive oil and sage.

Sausage: Lean pork, salt, pepper, sugars, lactose, milk protein, soy protein, emulsifiers (E-450, E-452), acidulant (E-575), stabilizer (E-420), corrector acidity (E-331), antioxidant (E-301) and preservatives (E252).


Keep the Carrasco Sausage refrigerated between 0 °C and 5 °C.


Before beginning to taste the product take out of the refrigerator and keep it at room temperature (22 °C) for 20 minutes. After this time open the container, detach the slices gently and place on the plate.

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