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More than 125 years as producers of Iberian Ham

Iberian assortment box 125 anniversary Carrasco Ibéricos

Since Carrasco Ibéricos was founded, we have always had a clear commitment to food and catering professionals. When a professional chooses us among several Iberian ham producers, we become his ham supplier for many years. The commitment to provide the best ham for the hotel and catering industry has always been marked as a main objective in our company’s DNA.

During the more than 125 years that we have been in business, we have signed agreements with prestigious collaborators that have made Carrasco Ibérico a benchmark in quality, thanks to the high consumer perception of our brand. As producers of Iberian Ham, we act as a supplier that helps you to give exclusivity and quality to the menu of your restaurant, or to your catalog of brands compared to other competitors.

We know that a good ham for the hotel and catering industry has to be one that is easy to cut, whose flavor provokes a positive effect on the consumer, evoked by its unctuous taste, with a low salt content, and whose appearance is attractive to the eye with a bright cherry red color. These factors have been key in the distribution of our Iberian ham.

We are producers of Iberian Ham, the supplier you can trust.  

We are not only your supplier of Iberian ham, but we also have 100% Iberian acorn-fed shoulder, 100% Iberian acorn-fed loin, chorizo, salchichón and Iberian meats, offered both in whole pieces and in sliced envelopes. You will have a very careful image in both cases, since we apply the same care that we put in the process of breeding, selection and preparation, to the presentation of our products.

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