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The map
of flavor

Enjoy our Iberian ham through knowledge and appreciation with your own criteria

It is the widest part of the ham and therefore the one with the greatest amount of meat. Considered the richest for being tasty, tender and juicy thanks to its high fat infiltration.
It is the part of the ham delimited by the femur and coxal bones. It is the most cured and narrow part, with a harmonious and persistent flavor, with hazelnut notes and a greater saline point.
Tip or hip
Its flavor is long and smooth, it has a slight itch in the throat due to the age of the meat and its long aging. Pale red in color with high fat infiltration and notes of nuts and aromatic herbs.
It is an area full of tendons, but on the other hand the juiciest and tastiest. Its tasting is intense, with a bitter-sweet balance, but perfectly balanced. It is ideal to consume in taquitos.
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